You Get A Grammy, & You Get A Grammy, And You…

It seems at the pre-grammy awards, they are giving them out to anyone who showed up. 

Grammy Award winners right now are George Carlin (daughter accepted upon behalf), Blind Boys of Alabama, Weezer, Tia Carrere (Yea, that one from Wayne's World), Carrie Underwood, Robert Plant, Lil Wayne won 2 so far, Kanye won 2 as well, Jay Z, Mia, ?Love, and Cynthia Nixon.

Our boy John Mayer just won for Gravity.

More winners announcements coming up at the Pre-Grammy Awards.-Dr.FB


Led Zeppelin Does The Right Thing

Led Zeppelin will not try to tour without Robert Plant. 

That also means no album release with guest artists.  Whew!-Dr.FB


Led Zeppelin To Tour!!!!! Without Robert Plant? Never Mind.

So we get the word on the wire that Led Zeppelin is going to tour.  Oh my!  I get to hear Kashmir live! Woo hoo!  Wait..what's that you say?  Touring..but without Robert Plant?   Damn.  Never mind.

Zepp without Plant is like cornflakes without milk.  It's like peanut butter without jelly.  It's like gin with no juice! 

Jimmy, I know times are tough in this economy, but please don't  do it!  Regardless of whether you say it is not going to be a cover band, without Plant, it will be.  Even great musicianship cannot cover up those vocals.  New album, new tour, new low.  Thanks, but no thanks.-Dr.FB