Robert Rodriguez

Jessica Alba Brings Back “Dark Angel” For “Spy Kids 4”

Jessica Alba. Photo:

Jessica Alba brought back a look that introduced an audience to her a little over 10 years ago while filming “Sky Kids 4” over the weekend. Yes, the skin tight black suit was being rocked by Jessica.   The 29 year old looked quite hot in the outfit and still fills it out quite nicely. Robert […]

Lindsay Lohan Caught Eating Pie In Public

Lindsay Lohan with a Red Bull in hand, had some pizza pie in her hands.  No word if it was just cheese or it had some meat on it. We are going to assume she had some of the pizza and hope the poor girl is eating.  Robert Rodriguez, famed director, said  at Comic-Con he […]

Rose McGowan Attends Broadway’s “33 Variations” After Party

Ahhh Rose,  it’s always a pleasure to see you.   Rose attended Broadway’s “33 Variations” after party on Wednesday night.  As always she had sexiness oozing from her caliente frame.  She talked about her upcoming role as a red-haired swordstress in the soon-to-be, Robert Rodriguez movie ,”Red Sonja”.  She is still just as stunning as “Death Proof” days! Oh Palomita!!