Sports Boxers & Briefs: Are The Raiders Coming Back To L.A.?


It was a unanimous vote in Los Angeles yesterday for AEG to build a football stadium that will cost the L.A. tax-payers next to nothing.  The one thing; they will not build the stadium next to the Staple Center until a football team agrees to move there. 

It was rumored the St. Louis Rams and The Minnesota Vikings were wanting to move there, but with each time having a contract with each of their cities, it is not likely going to happen.  Then which two teams are favored to move to Los Angeles?  A hint; both are already in California.

According to ESPN Analyst Adam Schefler, the two teams most likely to move to Los Angeles are The Oakland Raiders or The San Diego Chargers.  Sigh.

I know a lot of people who would love for the Raiders to move back to L.A.  Friends Big Game Dave and GK Raider come to mind.  As A Dallas Cowboy fan, I don't really care either way.  I would have loved for L.A. to get the Rams and rename them.  Say rename them the L.A. Express to take it back to the old USFL days.  A lot of baggage comes with the Raiders.  I am not calling Al Davis baggage but having to deal with him is not exactly a cake walk. 

I know L.A. wants a football team again but do they want the Raiders?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Anyone Else Baby?  Ok Ok, Just Win Baby


Video: LT “The Electric Glide”

LT aka LaDanian Tomlinson released a video "Electric Glide" which is funky and funny. 

There is a chance he will be gliding into the Super Bowl with his San Diego Chargers against my Dallas Cowboys. 

Check it out and let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


Are You Ready For Some Football?

NFL Logo
NFL Logo

NFL Logo

Football season is here...finally.  I have some thoughts and predictions to share with you and I want to know your favorite team. Mine is the Dallas Cowboys and they are going.....nowhere.  Here are some other predictions and things I am looking forward to;


Hear. Me. Out. You can knock Bon Jovi all you want but you know they have more hits than an adult film site. They have earned their due and if they are not the Halftime Show this year, it will be highly disappointing. The boys from Jersey baby.

THE MADDEN CURSE LIVES: Troy from the Pittsburgh Steelers is on the cover. He is out 6 weeks and it is a painful injury.

BRETT FAVRE's CONSECUTIVE GAME STREAKS ENDS SOMETIME THIS YEAR: Favre's record will fall as he will get hurt.

DETROIT LIONS WIN FIRST GAME IN WEEK 3: The Lions will beat the Washington Redskins week 3 and upset the Bears in week 4. Just watch.

TOM BRADY WILL BE TOM BRADY: The New England Patriots will be the team they were before Tom left. Speaking of which, when do you win 11 games and miss the playoffs? Wow.

FANTASY FOOTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Aaron Rodgers. You guys are going to laugh now but the guy is going to get you over 30 td's and 5-7 rushing td's. Packers are scary. Super Bowl scary.

MICHAEL VICK WILL START A GAME FOR THE EAGLES: When was the last time McNabb was healthy for 2 years in a row? Just sayin'.

AFC DIVISION WINNERS: New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers, (Wild Card: Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills)

NFC Division Winners: Dallas Cowboys (not really but it's my team!), Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, (Wild Card: Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers)

You won't believe who I have in the Super Bowl but one of the teams will have my fantasy football player of the year on it.

WEEK 1 UPSETS: Carolina over Philly, Jacksonville over Indy, San Francisco over Arizona.

I am doing this for fun, so you guys can give me some hell over it, but a lot of what I say will happen. Peace! Bon Jovi in 2010 baby!-Dr.FB

(Good luck to everyone's team!)


NFL Star Allegedly Roughs Up Reality Star

Shawne Merriman &  Tila Tequila Photo: NYDailyNews.com
Shawne Merriman &  Tila Tequila Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Shawne Merriman & Tila Tequila Photo: NYDailyNews.com

Shawne Merriman & Tila Tequila got into fisticuffs over the weekend which led to Tila putting a citizens arrest on Shawne.

It's been a he said she said story from the get go and the NFL star not only has to worry about San Diego police but the NFL cracking down hard on him. Tila says that Shawne choked her and held her against the will. Police have been saying they see no signs of a struggle with Tequila and no marks.

Shawne has been in trouble with the NFL for a drug suspension for drug use which he denied but did not contest although at first he wanted to.

Shawne has been a tough guy but also an activist for the community of San Diego from the wild fires to a couple of years back and other charities.-Dr.FB


An Old-Fashioned Sling-Shooting In Dallas

Donna McWilliam
Donna McWilliam

Tony Did This To Jessica Later. AP Photo: Donna McWilliam

First the Eagles were up.  Then the Cowboys.  Then The Eagles.  Then The Cowboys...get the drift?

Tony Romo, overcoming a few mistakes early that put the Cowboys behind by 9, was able to bring Dallas from behind to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 41-37 in what will be the most talked about game...well of this weekend. 

Yes, more talked about the New York Bretts getting the beatdown by the Matt Cassell led New England Patriots.  More taked about then that old fashioned butt-whooping the Giants put on the hapless Rams.  Even more talked about than that botched call in Denver that went against San Diego.

Make no mistake about it, Philly is a great team and losing in the regular season to the Cowboys means nothing.  Just ask Eli Manning.

From commentators stating how Romo is looking like Brady (without them 3 rings mind you) and how T.O. is the most dominant reciever in the NFL.  I am sure Randy Moss would disagree but with Brady on the bench, Moss and Brady have hooked up 23 times.  T.O. and Jessica's man, 28 times. 

You better see the highlights before you head anywhere today because people are def gonna be talking about this one....at least until next Sunday.  Then it will be the Favre'less Packers taking on the Cowboys.  One thing's for certain, unlike in this game, New England will be 3-0 after next week. 

You just can't bet against the boys in the 818. -Dr.FB