Lil Wayne Tweets He Is OK, Not Dying

Lil Wayne has just taken to Twitter to that he is OK and not dying, despite reports stating he is on his death bed.

Wayne has been having several seizures of late and TMZ reported the rapper is close to his death bed.

It took him a while to tweet because he was watching a basketball game. There will be those that think it was one of Wayne's people who sent the tweet. Time will tell but it looks like story may be false.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Whatever you think...is true.


Lil Wayne Reportedly Close To Death; His Camp Is Denying Story

Lil Wayne File Photo

It was reported a short time ago that Lil Wayne was close to death and being given his last rites. His camp has been denying this story feverishly, to where the reports are now saying he is in critical condition instead of being given his last rights.

TMZ, famous for reporting on Hollywood celebrity deaths and getting people coming out of restaurants, was the first to report the story.

Wayne has been having several seizures lately. We know that much is true.

TMZ is still reporting that Wayne was put into an induced coma and tubes are keeping him alive.

Mack Maine, one of Wayne's crew members is denying anything TMZ is saying.

Maine has deleted several tweets in the past hour and although he says Wayne is next to him watching the game, Wayne has yet to tweet himself that he is OK. They say he is too busy watching the game to tweet..but guess Maine isn't that busy.

Straight up....someone is lying.

We will keep you updated as the story progresses....-DocFB

Diagnosis: Time will tell....


Video Premiere: Kanye West “All Of The Lights” Featuring Rihanna (Revised Edition)


Kanye West has revised his video of "All The Lights" featuring Rihanna.  The light visuals at the end were bright and were not made for people with epilepsy as it could cause seizures.  I knew that the first time I saw the video n chose not to post the video for that reason.

On this version, they toned down the lights for that reason.  Doesn't take away from the power of the song.  What do you think of the video?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  A Bright Spot