Rihanna: Down & Out In Beverly Hills

Rihanna. Photo: Ginsbergspaly

Rihanna was in Beverly Hills yesterday we are told doing some shopping.  She was dressed in some stilleto shoes earlier in the day and then switched to some heeled boots exposing the front toe later on.  I am sure one of you out there will hip me to what kind of shoe it is. Regardless, Rihanna was […]

Paris Hilton Is Our Product Placement Star Of The Week

Paris Hilton. Photo:

Paris Hilton has returned as our product placement star of the week.  Notice how she holds the cup up so you see what kind of drink it is?  Also, it doesn’t hurt that she makes sure the logo of where she is buying the drink is right behind her.  Classic product placement star move.  Congrats […]

Since When Did Kathy Griffin Get All Sexy n Stuff?

Kathy Griffin. Photo: Ruiz

Kathy Griffin released this picture late last night via Twitter with this message: Look at my picture. LOOK AT IT!!! You’ve been a VERY bad boy…or girl…or transgendered person. (photo by the amazing Mike Ruiz) Wow.  I mean I never thought Kathy Griffin looked like Peter Griffin but she does look kind of hot with that […]

Sofia Gets Her Shopping On

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Viagra Vergara went out shopping in Beverly Hills last night.  Looks like she got me something from Saks 5th Avenue. What do you all think of her shoes?-Dr.FB