LMFAO Join Natalia Kills For “Champagne Showers”


Known for making the best remixes on the planet, LMFAO just released a new CD and it looks like they may now get more known for their own stuff than the remixes they do for others.

"Champagne Showers" is the latest from the Party Rock Shufflers and features Natalia Kills.  This one may get played more than just at the bars and clubs like their first major hit "Shots" did before.

Check it out  and let us know what you think of the latest from LMFAO.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  The Party Still Rocks


LMFAO With Lil Jon “Shots”

LMFAO is really starting to blow up and the new jam "Shots" with Lil Jon is no exception. Where the heck has Lil Jon been anyway?

I guess this song is for all the drinkers in the club.  I am not personally understand the popularity of this song yet, but maybe in time I will. 

What do you think?-Dr.FB