Why Is Jesse’s Mistress Reaching Out To Sandra? Lame!

Sandra Bullock. File Photo
Sandra Bullock. File Photo

Sandra Bullock. File Photo

Sigh.  I wish all these Ho's mistresses of Jesse James and Tiger Woods would just go away.

So one of Jesse James mistresses (No need to mention names because she is doing this for attention and really nothing more.) reached out Sandra Bullock via her agent over the weekend. 

The mistress felt the need to tell Sandra how sorry she is for what Sandra is going through.  (cough cough yea right.)

She also wants to apologize for any pain that she has caused Sandra and is sorry for messing with a married man. 

She says she compromised her beliefs on several occasions and will never forgive herself.  Hmm.  Why is it all of sudden these girls find God and beliefs after this stuff happens?  Lame.

She said she is available to talk if Sandra wants to talk.  I wouldn't expect that phone call. 

All I can say is that Sandra and Jesse will deal with this on their own.  She hasn't divorced him or filed for divorce yet.  The best thing WE can do is ignore these women trying to get more "fame" off their "shame" for real.  This whole thing where some of them are getting offered TV shows is even more lame and WE need to kind of ignore this crap.

What do you think of this "woman" trying to reach out to Sandra?  If your spouse cheated, would you want to hear from them?-Dr.FB


Video: Chris Brown Apologizes To Rihanna & Fans Publicly

Well, he knows that he is wrong and what he did was wrong. He says he was advised by his lawyers not to say anything even though he wanted to.  He read it a bit fast for my taste. If he slowed down it would have been better. Perhaps he was just trying to get a lot out.

Will he get a 2nd chance with this video and with other things that will be coming our way soon?-Dr.FB