Prince No Fan Of Versus Michael Jackson Parties

Michael Jackson & Prince. Photos: NYMag.com & Gettyimages.com
Michael Jackson & Prince. Photos: NYMag.com & Gettyimages.com

Michael Jackson & Prince. Photos: NYMag.com & Gettyimages.com

Dj Spinna is bringing his Prince and Michael Jackson party to Los Angeles this Friday for Soul Slam L.A. at the echoplex and then San Francisco this Saturday and although the music and fun will be the same, one thing is different and it's because of Prince.

For 5 years running, it was called Prince versus Michael Jackson but Prince let it be known he does not like the whole versus thing with MJ no longer being here.

DJ Spinna said “I met Prince and we spoke about this whole versus thing and he’s not a big fan of the idea of it being ‘versus."

“After Michael’s death we decided to call the party Prince and Michael ... because it’s not really fair."

“I think people are more keen to hearing his music and celebrating it even more. I can feel the energy in the room every time I play his music … way more than before.”

Prince has never attended the parties but one of his DJ's Rashida Robinson has DJ'd them in the past and perhaps that is how Spinna was able to talk to the Purple One about his feelings on this. 

Spinna knows just what he would play for Prince if he did show up; “I think if he actually showed up I would have to get a little deep and go beyond the pop hits. He’s a real musician … he’s real serious about his craft,”

"Maybe if it’s a cut that everyone doesn’t necessarily know off-hand, I would do it for him, just to let him know that I know what time it is.”

"She's Always In My Hair" would go over quite well with him Spinna.  Trust me. 

If you are planning on attending the Soul Slam event in Los Angeles, go HERE or San Francisco, go HERE.   Soul Slam is usually in high demand and should be more so since these are the first Soul Slam events on the West Coast since Michael's untimely passing last June. 

I will be at the Los Angeles one this Friday.  Always looking forward to good music and this should be cool.-Dr.FB