Behind The Scenes With The Hotness That Is Emma Stone For Vanity Fair


The Easy A actress was super good in "Superbad" and got an "Easy A" from us in the movie of the same name.  This time, she is heating up the pages of Vanity Fair magazine. 

Ahh.  Vanity Fair.  Reminds me of a good episode of "Will & Grace" back in the day when they didn't know if the person was gay and tried to search by which magazined he owned and it was, alas, "Vanity Fair" and could not read him.  lol.

Ahem, back to Emma Stone, she is this month's Vanity Fair cover girl and...well...she does something to us.  The voice.  The attitude.  The look.  She may not be the hottest girl out there but her brain and the way she handles herself, and the voice, we will take her over anyone.  You hear that Scarlett?

Besides, we think she treats her men better than Miss Johansson anyway.  Check out this behind the scenes footage provided by our friends of Vanity Fair with Emma Stone on set and in action of their latest cover.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Come Hither


Photo From Kickass Movie Released

Kickass Promo Photo.
Kickass Promo Photo.

Kickass Promo Photo.

The first photo from the upcoming comic book movie "Kick-Ass" was released at Comic-Con yesterday.

The movie/comic book is about a teenager who wants to be a super hero so he takes to the streets in super hero garb to fight criminals. It stars Christopher Mintz-Plasse who you will remember as "McLovin" from the movie "Superbad" as well as Nicholas Cage.

No release date has been set for this movie. The movie rights were purchased after only 3 issues of "Kick-Ass" were made.-Dr.FB