Video: Mayte Garcia Gets Her Cherry Boom Boom On

Mayte Garcia. Photo By DrFunkenberry
Mayte Garcia. Photo By DrFunkenberry

Mayte Garcia. Photo By DrFunkenberry

So, we were fortunate enough to see Mayte Garcia dance last week as a special guest of Cherry Boom Boom and it was hot!  A burlesque show and you add Mayte to the mix?  Oh my. 

She did a sword dance, and the video below is shot in HD for your enjoyment, so make sure to extend it full screen.  She also performed to "Ain't No Place Like U" a song she wrote with Prince.  We will feature that video....sometime in the future.

We do find it interesting that last weekend, after we reported on Mayte, during Prince's 21 night run at the Forum, his female singers, sang "If I Could Get Your Attention" a song that Mayte recorded with Prince.  Hmm.  Would it be lame if we say we would like to see Mayte dance with Prince just one more time...during this run?  Just saying.

When she is not getting hit on by Justin Bieber and doing the acting thing, Mayte teaches belly dancing on Sundays.  To find out what Mayte is up to:


Enjoy the video below and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Sure she can balance a sword on her head, but what about some Awesomesauce?