Mel B. Leaves PeepShow, Parties At MGM Grand’s Tabu

Mel B. Tabu GettyImage
Mel B. Tabu GettyImage

Mel B. Tabu GettyImage

The Peep Diva ended her PeepShow reign this weekend.  Broadway singer Shoshanna Bean is set to replace The Spice Girl. Mel B. let loose and celebrated her time in the show last night with the PEEPSHOW cast at the TABU Nightclub in the MGM Grand Resort in Las Vegas.

If the Shoshanna Bean that Im thinking of is set to replace her, then PeepShow is back tracking! The Broadway 'Bean' I've seen is not PEEPSHOW material, YES I'm being nice! Oh Lawrd, please say it isn't so.  First Holly Madison now the 'Bean'.  I think I'll be taking my dollars to The Cheetah!


Tabu Vegas Farewell Mel B. Getty

Tabu Vegas Farewell Mel B. GettyOh yeah, and here is Ms. Bean:Gershwin Theatre Shoshanna Bean Wargo/Wireimage