Burn! Usher Sex Tape To Be Released?

Usher Raymond File Photo

Usher Raymond File Photo

Just what the world needsl another celebrity sex tape!  This time, starring Usher n his ex-wife Tameka Foster.  Tameka has confirmed that her n Usher did make a sex tape while married.

Tameka is not pleased about it and Usher has yet to comment on the tape.  We wonder if Usher will file a lawsuit or just attempt to buy the video. 

We are sure Usher is not pleased that Tameka even confirmed that a video was made.

No word if Justin Bieber was the camera man.-Dr.FB



Usher Divorce Story Could Be A Nasty One

Usher Raymond File Photo
Usher Raymond File Photo

Usher Raymond File Photo

For a while, there were rumors of marriage trouble where it concerned Usher.  He would deny, but it would still persist.

Since his filing for divorce just over a week ago, stuff has been getting out, thru Usher directly and other ways. Married for 2 years, Usher hasn't lived with Tameka Foster since last summer.  Interesting because she was pregnant with her 2nd child at that time.  Usher and Tameka have 2 kids; Usher Raymond V who is 18 months old and Navidy Ely Raymond, who is 6 months.

Tameka seems to be in denial of the situation as she has recently been seen still wearing her wedding ring.  All along with reports of Usher seeing someone working for Def Jam Records, an older woman.  Tameka is older as well so it may be something that he likes.

The divorce proceedings start July 15th.-Dr.FB