Is Everything Still Everything? Lauryn Hill’s Mugshot Revealed!

Lauryn Hill's mugshot photo from June was just released today. The photo was taken of Hill after failing to pay and file several years of tax returns.

The 37 year old singer pleaded guilty to the charges in Newark, New Jersey in the U.S. District Court back in June.

Hill is free on an unsecured bond for $150,000 and is scheduled to be sentenced on November 27th.-DocFB


Doug E. Fresh May Not Be Able To “Ladi Dadi” Out Of This

Tom Mc Cool Cruise & Doug E. Fresh.  File Photo
Tom Mc Cool Cruise & Doug E. Fresh.  File Photo

Tom "Mc Cool" Cruise & Doug E. Fresh. File Photo

Doug E. Fresh is in a lot of financial trouble. Several banks are after him for about $3.5 Million on some New York City houses.  That's not all.

3 of Doug E.'s Harlem homes home mortgages are seriously behind payment and American Express is after him for about $60 grand of unpaid credit card bills.

Also, he owes $40 grand to a New York tax collector and another $367 grand on a tax lien.

Doug E. Fresh has yet to respond to these claims yet.  These are some serious time.  No time for ballin' unless it's basketballin'.-Dr.FB