Flashback: “That’s The Way Love Goes” By Justin Timberlake & ?

OK, I still laugh when Justin sings the whole "ooh baby, don't stop go deeper baby deeper, you feel so good, I'm gonna cry" line but it's still pretty cool. 

Also, since people tend to forget that Justin Timberlake came from a boy band, NSYNC, to be exact, we feel the need to remind you.

Check out this cover of "That's The Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson.

BTW, were are the boy bands and male singing groups nowadays?  Are we ready for the next generation?-Dr.FB


Old School Jam Of The Moment “That’s The Way Love Goes” Janet Jackson

I heard this at a club event I attended last Friday and it is still banging. "That's The Way Love Goes" dropped in 1993 and always had that old school feel and the hypnotic groove and chorus to capture you.

That is why this song is the Old School Jam Of The Moment and I hope you are digging it as much as I am right now. "Go deeper, baby deeper, you feel so good I'm gonna cry." Ahhhh yea. That's it.-Dr.FB