The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock Pulls Out Of Premiere As Divorce Rumors Hit

One thing we can say for sure is the Berlin premiere of “The Blind Side” has been cancelled.  Another thing we can say for sure is that the movie comes out on DVD today in the U.S. What we are hearing but can’t say for sure is that Sandra Bullock is looking into hiring a […]

The Oscars Were Amazing & Boring

Sandra Bullock.

Let’s be honest here; until the last half hour, the Oscars were pretty much boring.  We knew Monique was going to win, and everything was not a shock or least bit amusing until the end.  Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin were good.  They did not run too long or do anything unneeded. Weather George Clooney […]

2010 Oscar Nominations Announced

The Oscar nominations came out this morning of the event that will be hosted by Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin. The nominations looked like the Golden Globes and other awards.   The results, however, will be vastly different.  The biggest surprise?  “The Blind Side” nominated for best picture.   Wow.  I want Sandra Bullock to win her […]

New Moon Has Record Opening

New Moon raked in $140 million dollars on it’s opening weekend.  It did almost double as what Twilight did when it opened to $69 million.  Only “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Spider-Man 3” did better. A surprise at the box office was Sandra Bullock’s latest movie, “The Blind Side” which took 2nd place with $35 […]