DrFunkenberry Exclusive! Lauryn Hill Performing “Everything Is Everything”


Lauryn Hill played Club Nokia on Monday night after playing a 90 minute set at Coachella.

The show was sold out for weeks so unles you were heavily connected, you were screwed! Just ask Chris Tucker who was in front of me.

Her and her band killed it and her voice was good.  It was not as powerful as it once was, but she still commands an audience...and being 30 minutes late is early for her.

Check out her performance of "Everything Is Everything" and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Lauryn will be writing new material starting this weekend.


Old School Jam Of The Moment: Fugees “Ready or Not”

OK, straight up; The Fugees need to reunite. "Ready or Not" is still slamming. They were a group that mattered n who knows what would have happened if they stayed together n Lauren Hill did not go on the path that she did.

Wyclef. Pras. Lauren. Let's make this happen. For now, enjoy "Ready Or Not" by The Fugees.

Diagnosis: Ready For A Comeback