The Notebook

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up A Crazy Stupid Street Fight

Ryan Gosling stars in his latest movie “Crazy Stupid Love” and yesterday in New York, he stepped in to break up a crazy stupid fight over a painting. Check out the guy in the striped shirt around the 31 second mark.  Yup, that’s Ryan Gosling.  You didn’t need the girl who was shooting the video […]

Dear John Knocks Avatar From Number #1

Dear John Promo

Channing Tatum took on Avatar and won.  Despite rancid reviews early on, “Dear John” was box office king this weekend, ending “Avatar’s” reign. Dear John’s makers figured the movie would make around $20 million, seriously underestimating as the movie made around 32 million.  What were they not expecting? An audience that was over 80 percent […]

Rachel McAdams Needs To Go Back In Time

Rachel McAdams is usually a straight up hottie. From her role in “Wedding Crashers” to “The Notebook” and in “The Time Traveler’s Wife” she looks hot as well. When does she not look beautiful? Well, that dress wasn’t doing her any favors last night at the premiere. Not. Feeling. It. At. All. What about you?-Dr.FB

It’s Miley Cyrus’s “Last Song”

Liam Hemserth & Miley Cyrus were filming “Last Song”, the Nicolas Sparks novel, in Savannah, Georgia on Monday.  Nicolas Sparks, whose novels turned into movies include “Message In A Bottle”, “A Walk To Remember”, “The Notebook” and now “Last Song.” Miley sure lucked into this one. Very smart decision. Someone had to make it for […]

Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gossling Call It Quits….Again

The chapter ends on this story of the Notebook as on again off again on again couple Ryan Gossling & Rachel McAdams appear to be off-again. The couple reconciled early last month and were trying to make it work.  They met on set of the Nicholas Spark’s novem the Notebook and have been together since. […]