Video Premiere: Shania Twain “Today Is Your Day (Why Not?)


Here is "Today Is Your Day (Why Not)" by Shania Twain, her latest video in a while.  Shania has been more in the news for a marriage that discombobulated over time, with her then husband cheating on her with her best friend.  Proving turn about is fair play, Shania fell for the husband of their best friend, but actually waiting for a divorce before hooking up.

A lot of people are looking to this song for inspiration but from my eyes, it seems this song was written during Shania's love and life troubles as she was working through it.

I like the song.  It is nothing like her late 90's catalog, but that is not where she is at.  It's nice to see her recording again and seeing Gladys Knight was an added bonus.

What do you think of the latest from Shania?-Dr.FB

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