Tom Hanks

Why Tom Hanks Revealing He Has Type 2 Diabetes Is A Good Thing

Tom Hanks revealed to David Letterman last night that he has Type 2 Diabetes. For Type 2 diabetics like myself, this might just be a good thing..although I would NEVER wish for anyone to have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Although type 2 is reversible with weight loss, it is not always so easy […]

Sandra Does Austin!

Sandra Bullock. Photo:

Our favorite female movie actress (suck a bag of ….. Julia Roberts) Sandra Bullock was in Austin, Texas this weekend. She had her son Louis with her, but there is no need to show you pictures of her son. Speaking of Julia Roberts, even Tom Hanks wants to work with Sandra Bullock instead! We are hearing […]

“Angels & Demons” Beams Away “Star Trek”

“Angels & Demons”, the sequel to “The Da Vinci Code” took in $48 Million to displace Star Trek from the number 1 spot.  It beat the Chris Pine movie by about $5 million dollars.  It only dropped 43 percent which is the best in 3 years, even better than the Dark Knight. Tom Hanks & […]

“The Da Vinci Code” Sequel To Be Released In September

Writer Dan Brown’s  sequel to his smash hit ” The Da Vinci Code” will be released in the US on September 15th of this year.  Five million copies of “The Lost Symbol”, will be printed by Random House, this will be their largest first print run in the history. This will definitely be a good […]