#FlashbackFriday “KISS” By The Birthday Boy…..Tom Jones! Expecting Someone Else?

Baftas 2012: Tom Jones Photo: GettyImages.com

It is time for #FlashbackFriday and "Kiss" by the birthday boy, born on June 7th......Tom Jones! What? Was someone else born on that day or something???

Tom Jones was born in Minnesota....wait...wait...I think I'm getting him confused with someone else. Hmm. "Kiss" is by Tom Jones...right? No one else did it...right? Hmm.

Tom Jones Promo Photo 88

Well, I'm stumped. We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Tom Jones and if anyone knows of anyone else born on this day, even if they don't celebrate birthdays, you can wish them a happy birthday in the comments section. Maybe it will trigger my memory....-DocFB

Diagnosis: If he doesn't celebrate birthdays, can I call dibs on the gifts?