New Trailer For “Battleship” Looks Like Transformers On Water

  So, the new trailer for “Battleship” is out and I just now caught it.  It really looks like Transformers on water.  I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  The movie stars Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood, Brooklyn Decker, and Rihanna.  The trailer looks somewhat interesting, but again, not […]

What’s Up Doc? Deja Vu Edition

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Deja Vu Edition of What’s Up Doc, where some things may seem familiar to you. We cover Lindsay Lohan, Bret Michaels latest health problems, Megan Fox not returning to Transformers and the passing of a legend, Ronnie James Dio. We ran long so no shoutouts this time around. Hope you […]

Video: Saturday Night Live’s Megan’s Roommate

Here is the only watchable clip of this Saturday Night Live. So what if a girl said f*** instead of frick? It was still hellalame. We learned that Megan Fox can look pretty and act but it still sucked. I also like this clip because I am always glad when Brian Austin Green gets work. […]

Johnny Depp: Public Enemy #1 In L.A.

 The red carpet was rolled out for Johnny Depp for the L.A. Premiere of “Public Enemies” and he was looking cool as ever. Will Public Enemies have the juice to be #1 at the box office next week knocking off Transformers 2, which is bound to be number 1 this week?  We have a pretty […]

Megan Fox Transforms Into Something Delicious

Megan Fox attended the “Transformers 2” Japanese Premiere and did not disappoint on the least. Wearing a purple number showing a lot of leg, she dominated the red carpet like a decepticon infiltrates.  I really need to see Transformers before this one comes out.  I know I know.  I am like the only one who […]