TV On The Radio

New TV On The Radio Video “Caffeinated Consciousness” Is…Trippy

  Here is “Caffeinated Consciousness” the new video for TV On The Radio and it’s….trippy.  There is a pretty big pencil and a weird typewriter in it as well along with an older lady wearing Apollo Creed’s Rocky IV outfit.  Sigh. I swear, if I did drugs, I think a lot more music videos would make […] Exclusive: Nikka Costa Interview Pt. 1

We were lucky enough to interview Nikka Costa a couple weeks back and hang with her after the show in L.A. last Friday night.  Nikka is one of the ultimate performers onstage, like a tiger with strike quick precision.  Off stage, a total sweetheart who is hella-kind and patient and funny.  In part 1 of […]