Vida Guerra

Top Searches 04/12/10

Here are the top searches bringing people to 1.  Kate Gosselin 2.  Sandra Bullock 3.  Dr. Funkenberry (Well, what do you know?) 4.  Vida Guerra 5.  Audrina Patridge 6.  Melanie B. 7.  Holly Madison 8.  Salma Hayek 9.  William Levy 10.  Michael Phelps   (why?)

Top Searches 04/11/10

Here are the top searches bringing people to for 04/11/10. 1. Sandra Bullock 2. Kate Gosselin 3.  Holly Madison 4.  Michael Phelps 5.  Melanie B. 6.  Taylor Lautner 7.  William Levy 8.  Vida Guerra 9.   Kim Kardashian 10.  Salma Hayek -Dr.FB

Vida Guerra’s Booty Can’t Pay The Rent

Since The Good DR. FB has blessed us with Fergie, I thought I’d post some FUG as well.  Don’t get me wrong, she has an beautiful bottom, but if it can’t pay the rent, then what the hell is she doing wrong? Isn’t that what this chick is known for? The 35 -year old hottie was sued in […]