Perez Hilton Issues Apology; Black Eyed Peas Stay Silent

Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger, issued a sorry letter thru his website yesterday. Is he being sincere? While saying he is sorry, he brings up the repeated blows to his head and saying violence is not the answer. Saying that he was standing up for himself instead of just walking away.  How is calling another […]

Perez Hilton Sues For $25,000 For His “Freedom Of Speech”

Perez Hilton is pushing on, suing the Black Eyed Peas manager Polo Molina. The blogger filed a civil lawsuit today for $25,000.  Wow.  That is one costly little boo boo.  I’ve seen bigger shiners on little boys man up more than Perez has. The suit is stating Perez is seeking to protect his freedom of […]