Justin Timberlake Comes To Miley Cyrus’s Defense Regarding MTV VMA Performance!

Justin Timberlake & Miley Cyrus Images: USMagazine.com

Justin Timberlake is not mincing words or backing down regarding his take on the Miley Cyrus Video Music Award performance.

Doing an interview with Fresh 102.7 radio station promoting his 20/20 Experience Part 2, he talked about Miley's tongue wagging performance.

"Listen, man, you know, it's the VMAs. What did you guys expect?"

"I like Miley. I like her a lot. I think, you know, she's young. She's letting everybody know that she's growing up."

"I just think it's the VMAs. It's not like she did it at the Grammys. Let her do her thing, you know?"

So it's MTV is the excuse. OK then.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Is it the message that you can act like a slut at the club on Saturday night but it is OK because you go to church on Sundays?


Adam Lambert Talks About Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance!

Miley Cyrus Photo: GettyImages.com

It has been how many days now and people are still talking about Miley Cyrus's MTV VMA performance. Most people criticizing it. Adam Lambert however is defending it. Well..sorta...

he got heat shortly after and then added....

Adam. Adam Adam. Healthy debate.-DocFB

DocFB: He sure Loved those VMA after-parties though....