Get Out & Vote!

It’s election day! Hopefully most of you are going to vote and know it’s a privilege to vote.  Let your voice be heard….-Dr.FB

Circuit City Closing 155 Stores!

155 Circuit City stores will be closing their doors with major sales tomorrow at those stores. Expect MAJOR blow-out sales at those stores.  Too bad the economy has me messed up or I would be picking up a laptop and a HDTV tomorrow. MY FRIENDS, do we really need another 4 years of the same ol same ol?  […]

On This 4th Day Of November….

You need more than a purple high!  (Sorry, old Prince analogy.  Old habits live soft.) Live from (insert your city here) It’s………………Election Day! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! If it is not against your religion or whatnot, get out n VOTE! Don’t let anyone fool you.  This election is going to be close and your vote […]

Election 2008

[poll id=”0003″]   The time has finally come.  After four nearly two years of campaigning, we are almost finished.  Who do you think it is going to be?