Despite Mixed Reviews, Watchmen Debuts At# 1; Make $55 Million

The Watchmen pulled in $55 million, just slightly under the estimated $60 Million. I must say that is pretty impressive with a close to 3 hour movie and the reviews not being 4 stars across the board. “Madea Goes To Jail”, pulled in $8 million, almost $50 million less, to come in at #2.  The Tyler […]

The Watchmen Drama Is Over

The movie will be getting released on time. Fox and Warner Bros. came to an agreement on the matter of rights on Thursday night. Comic Fan Boys can now rejoice.-Dr.FB

The Watchmen Takes Another Hit; Heading To Court

Warner Bros. & Fox are about to play a game of chicken as both studios are not backing down over the movie “Watchmen”. Warner Bros. is refusing any type of settlement.  Fox is saying they don’t want the settlement, they want the movie.  Warners released this statement: “We respectfully but vigorously disagree with the court’s […]

The Watchmen May Be In Trouble After All: Judge Sides With Fox

Comic Book fan boys might be shaking in their boots regarding the upcoming movie The Watchmen. A judge sided with Fox studios that they do indeed own a copyright interest in the movie Warner Bros. is releasing in 2009..or at least is slated to be released in 2009.  Not only do they have an interest […]