Prince Adds Footage From Montreux To His Website

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY
Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009

Prince @ Montreux July 18th, 2009 © 2009 DMY

Prince has listened to fans request (and mine) and has put up some footage from his Montreux performance on his official web site; LotusFlow3r.com and it is pretty funky.

He added the classic "Little Red Corvette" & the rare gem that only the hardcore know "When I Lay My Hands On You" and you can hear his guitar sing.

BTW, his website is members only and it costs $77 bucks to join.  Hopefully, a DVD of this release is on it's way. Those that can see it, what do you think?-Dr.FB

UPDATE: I just watched the clips and it is hot like soup! "When I lay Hands On You" is fire and that version of "Little Red Corvette" is the reason every Prince tour needs to be seen and released.

He changes instrumentation's up on each of his tours of certain songs, making them different and making sure just because you saw him perform a song in 1984. doesn't mean it will be the same in 2009.

Straight up, Prince is an American World-Wide treasure and needs to be appreciated every day he is here. Love ya man (and ya know 2 clips will only hold me the fans up for so long.) and keep funking things up for another 30.