Michael Bublé Gets Soulful In NYC Subway; Covers “Who’s Loving You”

Michael Bublé Promo Photo

Yes, it is promotion for his new album, but it is cool promotion. Michael Bublé covered "Who's Loving You" in a New York City subway to promote his new record "To Be Loved" which came out this week and is bound for the number one spot on Billboard next week.

The performance was done a Capella with the group Naturally 7.

I dig it. What about U?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Canadian Eh?


Nikka Costa Wants To Know Who’s Loving You?

Nikka Costa is starting the new year off by singing "Who's Loving You" off her rare album "Butterfly Rocket" by request.

Nikka performs a stripped down version of it with just her, her guitar, and the camera.  When you have talent like that, that's all you need.

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Diagnosis:  #Teamfunkenberry 2012