Mumford & Sons Enlist Jason Sudakis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman for “Hopeless Wanderer” Video!

Mumford & Sons Hopeless Wanderer Screen Cap

Mumford & Sons tapped Jason Sudakis, Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, and Will Forte to be in "Hopeless Wanderer" the band's latest video.


To see the funny and entertaining Mumford & Sons video, click here...


Video: Norah Jones Gets Funny On “Dealbreaker” With White On Rice

The new video from White On Rice "Dealbreaker" features Norah Jones and it brings us a side of Miss Jones we do not see a lot!

It is a funny video and with Norah singing the chorus...and looking kind of hot we must add, it only makes us dig the White On Rice video even more.

It features Will Forte and many more as bachelors that are just straight up "Dealbreakers" for the ladies.

Check out the video above.-DocFB

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