Welcome Home!

Welcome to our/your new home.  There will be more changes over the next few days, but this was the main one we have been working on for a while. 

Remember to re-bookmark this site www.drfunkenberry.com & save it to your fav places, so you won't miss a beat.

We have been crazy busy working on stuff for the site for you and hope you will enjoy the new changes and thank you so much for everything. You will have to create your login for the new site and re-login here. The comments you left before on the other site are most likely not going to carry over. One of those glitches we can't get by.

We had a crazy fun weekend which started at the Nikka Costa El Rey Gig, where we hung with Nikka after the show.  Girl is sooooo cool!  We should have part 1 of the interview up today and a review of her first couple of gigs as well. 

Thanks again for everything and isn't that a pretty funky logo up there?-Dr.FB