Dancing with the Stars 9/20: Premier Show Review

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo

Dancing With The Stars Season 11 Cast Promo Photo

I was a little skeptical when I heard the list of celebs for the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars. However, after tonight’s premier, I am hooked! They are all so mediocre and kinda boring, that there is no stand out…and that makes me want to see who in the hell is going to win this year.

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First up was Audrina Patridge: dubbed this year’s “hot” girl, she seemed more spaced out then ever. Her performance of the Cha Cha Cha to Katy Perry’s California Girl (grrr, if I hear that song one more time!)  was as boring as watching her on “The Hills.”  However, she wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be, but I am sure she will be sexing it up in a major way if she sticks around. Audrina and her partner Tony Dovolani received an 19 out of 30.

Kurt Warner, NFL quarterback. You know, I must say, I was very surprised. Not only was he nice to look at at, but his dancing was not bad at all.  He and his partner danced the waltz and he was quite graceful…definitely not the Kurt Warner I was used to seeing on the grid iron. Not sure what it is about him, but I hope to see him next week… and needless to say, I do love his dancing partner Ana Trebunskaya so that’s a plus! Kurt an Anna received an 19 out of 30 (he got robbed!)

Kyle Massey. Look, I’m no fan of  whatever kid show he is on…and to be honest, I had no clue who he was. But, man, can that chubby boy dance!  I am sure he will be sticking around for a while and I am sure all that chub will disappear very soon; as this show is notorious for slimming down the stars. Kyle and partner Lacey Schwimmer received a well deserved 23 out of 30.

Rick Fox…wow. He is truly a handsome man. Being 6’7 you would think “awkward”….However, nothing about him was awkward. He danced the waltz so gracefully that height was not a  factor….even his dancing partner Cheryl didn’t look ridiculous. She was in her “custom-made” 4in heels (still making her 5 inches shorter!). The routine was beautiful, but there could be some trouble as I think a faster dance, like the quick step, may emphasize his height making it indeed “awkward”. FYI Eliza Dushku was in the audience. As some of you may know she is his girlfriend…YAWN. Rick and Cheryl received a 22 out of 30.

Margaret Cho and Louis Van Amstel. I truly have no words. Please youtube it to understand what I am talking about. 15 out of 30 should say it all.

Brandy and Maksim. well, it was a waltz. I wasn’t excited, but wow, was she excited…23 out of a 30.

Bristol Palin. Ok, now here is where is gets hella weird. She was really bad. And her song was “mama told me not to come”….(please read that title again)…..and she is trying to stop teenage pregnancy…a little ironic, don’t ya think! Ok, well, she forgot the steps, looks scared and looked like a deer in the headlights…thank god her mom, Sarah Palin wasn’t there or that “deer in the headlights” would be shot in no time!  However, the judges gave her and her partner Mark Ballas a WAAAAYYYY generous 18 out of 30.
Florence Henderson & Corki Ballas. Look, Mrs.Brady is 76. Looks better that Bristol Palin (sorry, had to say it) and is way more entertaining. She is this season’s  “senior star” and I wasn’t cringing while she was dancing so it was a fair performance. They received a 18 out of 30.
Michael Bolton and Chelsie Hightower. I watched the rehearsal snippet and I was scared!! He looked so bad!! However, he was bad, but not  “so” bad….they performed the waltz and I am looking forward to an upbeat dance from Mr.Bolton.  16 out of 20 for this dancing couple.
The Situation & Karina Smirnoff.  He only had  5 days of rehearsal as opposed to 3 weeks, now thats a bad situation and he was! The judges were mindful of that, but didn’t care as they got a 15 out of 30.
Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough. Baby, everyone on the show needed some tissue as did viewers at home. They danced to “These Arms Of Mine” by Otis Redding….which immediately triggered memories of the late Patrick Swayze. It was a very touching moment as they showed Jennifer crying during rehearsal.

Judge Cari ann Inaba was brought to tears as she mentioned that someone was watching from above. But more than that, they danced beautifully and it was a fitting tribute to not only a talented actor but an amazing dancer, Patrick Swayze. They received tonight’s highest score of 24 out of 30.
The Hoff and Kym Johnson. hmmm….they danced to sex bomb by Tom Jones. The hoff did bomb and there was no lifeguard on duty to save him (sorry had to say it) It was as awkward as you can imagine…but sadly, I cannot wait to see him next week if he stays. 15 out of 30.
Tomorrow night one couple does get eliminated…but look for a performance from Santana and Daughtry.  Keep it funky!
-Nurse IV




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