Exclusive! PRINCE Talks Livestream, Janelle Monae, & “Superconductor Reloaded”

Andy Allo & Prince Screencap By Afrobella.com

Prince is all about Livestream. In a conversation with him at Paisley Park, he expressed this to me. He compares Livestream to a boxing match that you watch live but if you already know the results, it is not as interesting to watch. Some would say with at least a boxing match, you know when it is going to happen, but that  doesn’t concern Prince.

“Livestream is the future. Livestream is now. We go live and you are either there or not. It is about being in the now.”

For the past month, Prince has used livestream to drop rehearsal jams, play unreleased tracks, put his songs in the mix, and have the camera on while he was performing at Paisley Park a couple weeks back.

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It is apparent in our conversation that he is having fun with the Livestream concept, which usually start late here in the West Coast, while on the East Coast, it is in the middle of the night. For overseas fans, they have been trying to make their sleeping schedules around it while for some it airs in the middle of the day. He doesn’t want to give people too much of a heads up about it.

Also, there is no archive of the Livestream…at least not yet. You either catch it or you don’t.

He talks about me doing shows on the Livestream and later that night, he has me interview fans outside Paisley Park before they entered. The Livestream app allowed us to film with a cell phone but the lack of a microphone outside of the cell phone’s built-in one made the experience not so great for those watching on Livestream.  Next time.

The audio is on point on the Livestream’s Via 3rdEye TV which you know is important to Prince.

On several of the 3rd Eye broadcasts, Janelle Monae’s “Q.U.E.E.N.” remixed by Joshua Welton has been played. Prince is obviously a big fan of Janelle and we talked about her performance on the B.E.T. Awards.

Prince: The B.E.T. Awards. They were not going to have  Janelle on the show.

DocFB: What?!?!

Prince: Exactly. That was my response. So I called up B.E.T. for her to get her on the show. Janelle is a talent and they were not going to have her on?

DocFB: I’m really surprised.

Prince: Janelle was on and she and Erykah knocked it out!

(Stephen Hill of B.E.T. confirmed that Prince did make the call for her and he was going to give her the opening spot after the phone call, but it was taken so he let her close the show.)

Later the conversation focuses on Andy Allo.

Prince: Andy Allo put out “Superconductor” on her own. She hustled. From doing a show on the g4 network to everything she does. “Superconductor” is great. We might have to contact Kobalt music, add a few songs that I duet on  and release it as “Superconductor Reloaded”…..

A smile comes across his face while talking about “Superconductor Reloaded” and he has a right to smile. The album is phenomenal and the addition of tracks such as “What It Feels Like” (tentative title) which was played on the Livestream went over well with fans and can only help.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This was just a small part of the interview we had with Prince at Paisley Park. Expect more soon as we talk bootlegs and unreleased versions of songs with him. 

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  • UMId4u_atsuko
    Posted at 20:30h, 17 July

    Hilarious interview! Thanks Doc!
    This was really want 2 know 4 the fan.
    The real interview by the real fan!
    Can’t wait continuing part.

  • Twinkly1
    Posted at 18:30h, 17 July

    Interesting insight on the Live streams, the Monae-Badu appearance and the Allo Superconductor reload. It was a treat to hear What It Feels Like at 3RdEyeGirl TV. The live streams are an excellent format for reviewing releases and sharing information. Please don’t stop!

  • TMG
    Posted at 16:50h, 17 July

    I don’t normally comment but reading some of these comments made me think about this. PRINCE has shared more music with his fans over the years than any other artist in history almost releasing an album every year for over 30 years. MJ took 5 years between albums. Why do people complain about not catching live stream and that they are older now and have real lives. I make my own time as a musician and I missed like 3 of them already but it’s more like man wish I could’ve caught that but I’m not disappointed with Prince about it. Prince doesn’t live in the same day to day world that most of us do and it’s just the truth. That’s why we follow him because he brings us things that we can’t bring ourselves with his music. Prince does what he does to keep from getting bored with this. If he gets bored then you guys would really have something to complain about because he’ll focus on painting or photography and we don’t want that RIGHT? He also knows that anything he posts or stream online will be copied by some of the tech savvy fans and archived somewhere. Come on guys he’s a lot smarter than we give him credit for. As far as supporting Janelle instead of the artists under him. If Prince supports an artist that already has a decent fan base that puts his name in the public also which leads people back to his music and the artists he’s currently pushing. Stay current Prince! Keep searching for things to keep you excited. I like it!

  • ancientpearl
    Posted at 15:37h, 17 July

    @michellesmith janelle is still more known as a musical artist than andy allo and prince’s other protegees recent acts..her debut album debuted in top 20 on the billboard charts. and she also charted in various countries in europe.. tightrope and q.u.e.en were not huge hits but I’m sure I can find a certain amount of people who know them..or even cold war…and she was featured in one of the most selled singles of last year ( we are young)..but anyway you’re right about her not having enough airplays..don’t know why..she deserves more I blame atlantic for that..without airplay of course her songs can’t become huge hits..even though sometimes I catched q.u.e.e.n on the radio but very rarely .anyway .I don’t have nothing against the people who work with prince and I’m sure he supports them too..:9

  • DeeLucks
    Posted at 15:13h, 17 July

    “What It Feels Like” is off da chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Prince could usher more fans in if he decided 2b jus a lil more liberal..

    Bein rich on personality is betta than $…

    People support love, even if they do see that others have uploaded it.

    Every1 is not rich!!!!

    But those who can afford it will always support real love…

    would love to hear the “20TEN” reloaded idea come to light.

    “20TEN” was probably one of the toughest albums Prince made since
    “Sign ‘O’ The Times”!!!

    My son’s mother became a Prince fan after “20TEN”…..

    Don’t be so hard on us Prince, remember where u were 1nce one of us………

  • Danny
    Posted at 14:43h, 17 July

    Hopefully you, Seth & his media connections, and the Paisley Park team can figure out how to get the Livestream glitch free, maybe even a virtual Second Life of Paisley Park can be worked out down the road. Just the fact he can just switch the camera & mic on and start jamming right then and there is really cool. Hopefully we can see what the “vault” actually looks like!

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 14:35h, 17 July

    Wonderful interview. I love the 3EG livestream sessions.

  • Michelle Smith
    Posted at 14:15h, 17 July

    @ancientpearl Hey….wanted to respond to your comment. Janelle is more famous definitely but not because of her being an artist/musician but because she is a gorgeous cover girl model. If you were to ask people to name 2 songs by her most people couldn’t but they definitely know that beautiful fave and fabulous lipstick that she wears. Award shows usually showcase people selling records and if you look at her sales for music, she isn’t selling much at all. So selling lipstick is VERY DIFFERENT from selling albums or even downloads. Her single is out now and it isn’t even getting any radio airtime and that is what counts in the music industry. My whole point and its not to throw shade against Janell but its to shed some LIGHT on the people that are learning, performing and working with Prince on a regular basis. Ur thoughts??

  • Mark
    Posted at 14:00h, 17 July

    there is no archive of the Livestream….er yes there is lol

  • Vicki
    Posted at 13:46h, 17 July

    Man, it’s quits! Lol jk thanks 4 the little bits and pieces doc.

  • ancientpearl
    Posted at 13:17h, 17 July

    anyway shocked as him that they didn’t had janelle on the show before he called…are the people at atlantic records crazy? what exactly they’re here for? smh..

  • ancientpearl
    Posted at 13:15h, 17 July

    about supporting the artists on his label more than others..janelle is way more famous than andy allo..so of course he called for janelle and not for her..but I love how much he supports janelle considering she is not one of his artists…it’s great..

  • J
    Posted at 13:01h, 17 July


    The live stream is a great idea that he messed around with back in the day, the only problem was back then, technology wasn’t with him…. It is now. However, he does need to come around to the archive idea, it’ll only maximise his vision.

    Anyway, Superconductor Redloaded is a great idea! That album is the best he’s done protege wise in some time. It deserves even more recognition. What It Feels Like was a cool track! That synth-bass was monstrous! That’s a housequaking beat I can blast out my car for the summertime.
    Just don’t call it Superconductor Reloaded…..

    Anyway, we need more info on Plectrum Electrum and HOPEFULLY, a new, entirely solo Prince Project now 3 years in the making (scandalous in Prince time!) .

  • KcO0L's CHOCOLATEBOX (@ChocolateBox777)
    Posted at 12:56h, 17 July

    Gr8 innerview by the way Dr.fnb! Like 2 homies kickin it. Speaking the truth about his life,dreams,hopes & my dream come true 3EG tv. Can’t wait 4 the rest!!!!!

  • KcO0L's CHOCOLATEBOX (@ChocolateBox777)
    Posted at 12:47h, 17 July

    Love how Prince thinks in the here & now! That is how life works. U can never go back. If U miss something its gone 4ever,just like his live surprise shows, that go on sale @ a moments notice. U catch it then or U miss out.

    Shocked that Prince had 2 b the one, 2 get Janelle on the EbT Awards! They sure left that part out. Smdh

    Hope this proves 2 peeps, that he really cares about his fans,legacy & image. Its the reason he blocks sites from using his “MasterPieces”. Its the best thing he has ever done in his almost 40 year career.

    My hero the one & only PRINCE…

  • Angel
    Posted at 12:15h, 17 July

    Well, that kinda sucks, I guess I will be missing out on a lot because I can never catch him on livestream. But maybe he does this for a good reason. I hope so..

  • Suzy Six
    Posted at 11:49h, 17 July

    Finally! been waiting on this! THANX Doc. ur the creamiest!

  • Chris
    Posted at 11:24h, 17 July

    I’m not gonna wait around for Prince to “stream live” It’s just as easily downloadable the next day. I choose my own time to listen….got a life as well…

  • Vicki
    Posted at 11:24h, 17 July

    Finally, now let me read…be right bk

  • Michelle Smith
    Posted at 11:21h, 17 July

    Thanks for the info Dr.Funkenberry, u always give the best inside info. It’s awesome that he is supporting Janelle Monae but when will he start supporting the artist that are under him?? Shouldn’t he have made a call on Andy Allo bc they worked on the album together. What about Shelby J…he produced her song?? And Liv Warfield, she’s selling out venues and rocking hard every performance with him. And he allows her to jam with NPG. Im not hating bc Janelle Monae is a great talent but he has some TREMENDOUS talent right under his nose. Support starts at home, right??

  • CuTee
    Posted at 10:49h, 17 July

    Looking forward to superconductor reloaded! Love that he’s showing Andy some love because it’s been a minute since we’ve seen them work together. Hope he keeps with the changes times and continues to do livestreams! As always thanks for the info Dr. F! 🙂

  • M21nights
    Posted at 10:45h, 17 July

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this!! It sounds as if Prince disapproves of Andy’s actions a bit? An album of his duets with her sounds absolutely nice! 🙂
    Looking forward to the second part …. talking with Prince about bootlegs … can’t wait to read about it!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:33h, 17 July

    If I was 17 again and a big fan, I might be able to sit around and wait for all this live stream stuff. But, I’m 43 with a full time job and many other obligations. As much as I’d love to see it, looks like this die hard fan will just have to miss out. What a shame.

    Hoping that one day someone from real life will have a serious sit down talk with prince and explain to him the day to day details of the average (and even above average) fan. Everyone needs someone to keep them grounded.

  • clarebgarrad
    Posted at 10:24h, 17 July

    I think the Livestreams are great as it keeps everything fresh and exciting. For me timewise it works well as I have set my alarm earlier and feel wide awake after a couple of songs. I then go to work on a total high:) Superconductor Reloaded sounds interesting. Looking forward to reading more of your conversation with Prince.

  • Booyah
    Posted at 09:43h, 17 July

    Superconductor Reloaded – very interesting. Thanks for the info.

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