Exclusive: Behind The Scenes With Nikka Costa


Nikka Costa Performing At UMG Offices Last Friday. Photo: Drfunkenberry.com

It’s good to be the doctor right now. (Kind of like Sarah Palin, but in a good way.)  Meeting new friends, networking like crazy.  Checking out Nikka Costa do a live 3 song set. 

Now, unfortunately, due to prior commitments, I could not attend the Universal offices private concert and meet & greet.  You gotta hustle in this business and everyday, I am straight hustling.

We still had a reporter on scene so don’t fret. From what we were told, the Universal office was in quite a frenzy to see Nikka.  They have not been that excited to see a performer like that in quite a while. 

Nikka took the stage with guitarist Josh Lopez and on the wall behind her were images from her latest cd “From A Pebble To A Pearl”, which comes out on her own label gofunkyourself records and is distributed thru Universal Music.   She performed a 3 song set including “Everybody Got Their Something”, “Stuck To You” and “Crybaby.”

Now, it was a little after 9:30 in the morning but she killed it.  Killed!  Nikka was very gracious and took time to talk to everyone and sign a promo cd for each person as well.

The ever-reclusive Nurse Knotty talked to Nikka for a few minutes and we will post that info along with hopefully some big news by the end of the week. 

We won’t keep you waiting too long but I would stay tuned.  Thank you Nikka for your graciousness.

Nikka Costa has a new web site so check it out babies!  http://nikkacosta.com/?xgi=gEi6AuT

Nikka’s tour kicks off next month and if you love great music, you should check her out as she is one of the top live performers out there.-Dr.FB



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