Alyssa Milano Puts Restraining Order On Celebrity Stalker

Alyssa Milano Fights Back.  File Photo

Alyssa Milano Fights Back. File Photo

Alyssa Milano is scared…and with good reason.  She has a celebrity stalker on her hands.

A man who has tried to meet her several times and has even hiked miles to her house just won’t get the hint and leave her alone. 

The man, Jeff Turner, 54 years old from Northern California has also threatened her. Milano is doing an event for the NFL soon and Turner heard of this and was trying to get in. 

It seems her brother and her parents were also threatned in some way as she is asking for protection for them as well.

This is some crazy ish.  Sometimes, some fans want some acknowledgement in some way of you, but not say in a psycho manner.  You give it to them for a brief moment and it’s done.  With others, it is not.  With celebrity, it seems you trade in your privacy for success and that is not cool.  From worrying about wanna be paparazzi to a volatile stalker, it becomes too much.  I am nobody and even I have had situations where some girl jumped in my car or had some dude follow me to the bathroom to talk to me about ish. 

That night, gone were the photos of myspace, gone was taking pictures with friends.  Eventually, it will have to return, but for right now, our thoughts are with Alyssa Milano who has always been cool with me and is our favorite Dodger girl by far.-Dr.FB



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