Watch Now! “Blurred Lines” By Robin Thicke & Pharrell Featuring Miley Cyrus!

Robin Thicke File Photo

Robin Thicke and Pharrell performed "Blurred Lines" with Miley Cyrus joining in this time!

The performance was for the MySpace relaunch party and was aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Did Miley TWERK this time? Click here to find out!


Facebook: 750 Million & Growing



Wonder if Justin Timberlake and his Myspace peeps along with Google+ are about to do a spit check. On the news that just under 6 million people deleted their facebook page (Although you can't really delete it) they announced they have over 750 million people with Facebook pages. 

They are like the McDonald's of the Social Networks...although if Facebook was serving burgers, I actually might eat theirs.  It really is only a matter of time where it should just say "Facebook: Billions & Billions Served" as their tagline.

Mark Zuckerberg had this to say as they did not really want to release how many members they have:

"The metric of the last five years was about user growth. The driving narrative of the next five years is not about wiring up the world, but what cool stuff (apps) can you build with this wiring in place."

"We did not report 750 million because we do not believe it is the metric."

Interesting to say the least I must say.  Who doesn't have a Facebook page?  Seriously.  We want to hear from you.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Zuckerberg is A Genius                                                                                                                                          


Oh Lord! Justin Timberlake Is “Bringing MySpace Back?”

Justin Timberlake.  File Photo

Justin Timberlake. File Photo

We all stopped using Myspace a year or so ago, right?  Well, Justin Timberlake along with a few other investors just bought Myspace. 

Why?  Read The Rest Of This Entry......


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Hey everyone! 

Hope you had a great weekend.  In order to make the site easier and more interactive, we have brought back the log in where you can be logged in all week without having to log in again...and if you had a name in the past, just log in with that name and you are golden. Check under the "Vitamins" section on the right sidebar or click here to log in.

So, say you access the stories through Twitter or the Facebook Fan Page you will be logged in for a week, making it easier for you to leave comments within seconds. 

Also, if you log in with your Facebook account, the story will post to your wall along with your comments.

Also, you see the bar at the bottom?  You can easily share links to Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.  Also, you can CHAT on Facebook chat without having to be on Facebook.  That's right and tight, So if you want to fool your co-workers or boss, and not have your Facebook page show up to chat, you can do it through my site and it will show up.

It makes sense doesn't it?  Facebook and Funkenberry.  The 2 FB's in your life you can't do without and the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

Hope you like the new changes and thanks always for your support!~-Dr.FB


Sandra Bullock’s Prenup: Jesse Gets Nothing If He Cheats

Sandra Bullock.
Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock. Photo:GettyImages.com

Sandra Bullock's prenup has been revealed and Jesse James knew he would get nothing if he cheated.

We told you about the prenup before and Jesse has admitted to Sandra that he cheated with 7 women although only 4 have come forward so far. 

We are sure Sandra really doesn't care about the money.  She just wishes she would have had a faithful husband that wasn't searching myspace for hook-ups and having unprotected sex with women he met that day.-Dr.FB


MySpace To Buy ‘ILike’ Social Network

Myspace/ilike File Photo
Myspace/ilike File Photo

Myspace/ilike File Photo

Looks like MySpace has decided to buy "iLike".  The purchase brings together two social-media companies that want to deliver content to users, MySpace said.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  iLike’s dominant music application on is iGoogle and Facebook, among other sites.

In an announcement,  MySpace said that the purchase won't change the iLike experience for iLike users and the artists that use the service. iLike will keep its Seattle headquarters.

Brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi founded iLike in 2006. In two years iLike has become the largest music application across all social networks -- with 55 million total users and 1.5 billion monthly impressions. No structural changes will be made among management or employees at iLike.

I actually enjoy ilike.  I'm not so much a fan of MySpace.  What do you think of the merge?


David Cook Thanks Supporters

David Cook File Photo

David Cook File Photo

David Cook gives thanks to fans who showed support for him after his brother passed away due to brain cancer. 

He took his myspace page to say this:

"My brother never wanted his illness to affect others. That was evident in the fact that he wanted his illness to have no part in my experience on Idol, a point he was quite adamant about. So, with that wish in mind, I ran and was involved with the event as an homage to him.”

“I want to again thank everyone who donated to the race and continues to donate, sent a kind email, posted thoughts and prayers, called, etc. I take it as affirmation that my brother was the great man that I knew, and whose ideals I constantly try to uphold in myself. It is with those ideals in tow that I vow to continue to speak out in hopes of raising whatever necessary to help eliminate cancer entirely.”

“Thank you to everyone for allowing us, as a family, to grieve and come to terms privately. This event has shown me, beyond doubt, that I have the greatest people in my life, family, friends, and fans alike, and for that, I can never offer enough thanks.”

We hope David Cook and family are doing well during this tough time.-Dr.FB