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  1. It’s funky, but it’s not Prince.

  2. again, BRING IT ON!!!! Sounds good! I love the Special Prince Vintage Drum Sound ! OMG that would be Amazing!

  3. Sounds to me like Prince putting his ideas for a song down in a programmed version for quickness and to get a feel for how it will be before making it into a full production. I like it.

  4. …Makes me feel like a pinball in a pinball machine. I like this alot.
    It reminds me of when I was younger & used to go to the skating rink. It’s just fun and makes you feel good. I would definately play this loud in my car. lol

  5. Mplsound is registered to paisley park.

    I checked the trademark site and that was listed. Does prince use that?

  6. Love it love it love it!!!

  7. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    …not the guy named Prince!!!

    It’s a ‘old Intrumental Band’ named

  8. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Well, go ahead like this!!!
    ~(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me~
    Sooo rigth!!!

  9. Perhaps something from the upcoming album from The Time?

  10. Aaaww I wish I could hear it..Oh well I’m sure it sounds good ;)

  11. Ahem, if this is Prince’s production then I must say I would love to hear something more profound and original from him. This one is highly derivative and flat, nothing really to get excited about.

  12. I really dig it. It’s funky and the beats are tight. If this is Prince and I think it is, then I’m hella ready to hear the final results.

  13. Linn Drum *clapz*

  14. Old school with a new vibe. I love it!

  15. Love it sounds more like “The Time” 2 me

  16. Wake up sleepyhead.

  17. The “Prince Rodgers Nelson” Jazz Band….. How cool of a Name would that be…. The Prince Rodgers Nelson Trio…….

  18. … it’s funky and that familiar “snare hit” sounds like Mr. Nelson. It sounds like he had fun when he made this, if this is in fact Prince … ;0)

  19. Funky in a sophisticated way….sounds very old school mpls…reminds one of the controversy and 1999 eras.

    Can’t wait to hear/see what’s coming around the bend!

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