Michael Phelps Will NOT Be Charged

Michael Phelps / File photo


Michael Phelps / File photo

Michael Phelps / File photo

In a development that gladdens the hearts of all who were outraged at the outrage, Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County, South Carolina, says charges will not be brought against Olympian Michael Phelps over the leaked photo of his bong hit. 

Here is the story from AFP:

COLUMBIA, South Carolina (AFP) — No charges will be filed against American swim star Michael Phelps from his being photographed with a pipe typically used to smoke marijuana, police announced on Monday.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said that after a full investigation into the November party at which Phelps was photographed, touching off a controversy that led to a three-month ban, there was not enough evidence to charge anyone.

"Having thoroughly investigated this matter, we do not believe we have enough evidence to prosecute anyone that was present at the November party," Lott said.

Phelps, who won a record eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics six months ago, was shown holding a bong in a photograph published two weeks ago by a British newspaper, humiliating the superstar swimmer.

"I'm glad this matter is put to rest," Phelps said in a statement. "But there are also some important lessons that I've learned. For me, it's all about recognizing that I used bad judgment and it's a mistake I won't make again."

Read the rest of the story here.

Okay, now move along folks. Nothing left to see here.

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  7. So Michael Phelps is a guy who drinks at parties smokes a little gambles on high stakes games of beer pong and is the all time greatest Olympic medal winner he sounds like a pretty cool guy to me. Michael Phelps is an American Hero. He stood tall and made America proud at the Beijing Olympics. This is how he is treated. Michael Phelps did a tremendous amount of work to achive what he did. Who can forget the pride we felt with the each gold medal Phelps won in China, how can we as Americans forget all of those things and hang a man for smoking a glass water pipe at a college party. It is time that we as a country stand up for the rights of the individual, it’s time we stand together with our neighbors and take collective control of our destinies. Write any congressman or a senator; imagine the weight of millions of emails calling for a change in policy. Lets stop them from arresting college kids at parties in America


  8. People these days will do anything to get on some publicity bandwagon. What an idiot pomous little man that sheriff is.

  9. Although I don’t necessarily condone smoking pot (since it is illegal) I too think this is a ridiculous waste of time. For them to THINK of charging someone for this – whether it is a person in the spotlight or not is pathetic! Remember Clinton???? and his “didn’t inhale” B.S. ??? He didn’t lose a dam thing! And he went on to bigger problems!
    I think we have more problems to worry about than this!

  10. People shouldn’t get arrested for smoking pot. If the government was smart they would tax it like cigarettes and alcohol and call it a day. He just needs to be careful who he smokes with. Everyone is walking with a camera these days and it still is illegal.

  11. Jeeeze–Give it a rest. While I don’t approve of smoking a joint the idea of prosecuting Phelps is stupid. This goes on in every college in America. For cry’in out loud Sherriff , what are you thinking about. Not to smart for doing what he did but lets move on. What a wast of time and effort to even think about sending him to the Slammer.

  12. Just look at that picture.. You can tell he’s stoned. He’s hooked on that killer weed and can’t stop. Of course I’m being sarcastic. The sheriff in this story got what he wanted – lots of publicity and now he can feel like a big shot. He must have known the idiot sheriff (maybe related) who tried to charge the 13 year old boys for child porn for sending a picture of a girls hiking her skirt up.

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