Michael Phelps

Top Searches 04/12/10

Here are the top searches bringing people to Drfunkenberry.com 1.  Kate Gosselin 2.  Sandra Bullock 3.  Dr. Funkenberry (Well, what do you know?) 4.  Vida Guerra 5.  Audrina Patridge 6.  Melanie B. 7.  Holly Madison 8.  Salma Hayek 9.  William Levy 10.  Michael Phelps   (why?)

Top Searches 04/11/10

Here are the top searches bringing people to Drfunkenberry.com for 04/11/10. 1. Sandra Bullock 2. Kate Gosselin 3.  Holly Madison 4.  Michael Phelps 5.  Melanie B. 6.  Taylor Lautner 7.  William Levy 8.  Vida Guerra 9.   Kim Kardashian 10.  Salma Hayek -Dr.FB

Video: Subway Butcher’s Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)

Can someone tell me what Jared from Subway & Michael Phelps have to do with “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” please? A “Be Yourself” ad campaign?  Flipping free advertising on my site now no doubt as well. Grr. Who’s making money off of that? Just saying.-Dr.FB

Obama Photo Exhibit Opens With Semi-Controversial Photo

An exhibit of Barack Obama in his youth is opening with photos taken by Lisa jack, who took the photos and went to school with Obama back in the day at Occidental College. One of the photos, the one we used above shows Obama smoking on something.  Is it one of them funny smelling cigarettes? […]