Rolling Stones: “We Didn’t Play The Olympics Because Of Politics”

Many of London’s biggest acts performed at the Olympics last summer. Not the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards says they did not play them due to “politics” and they do not regret it. Richards spoke to Absolute Radio stating “Politics and other technical things” prevented the legendary band from playing. “I think there were basically there […]

Gold! George Michael To Perform At Closing Olympic Ceremonies!

George Michael has just confirmed the rumors and officially announced he is performing at the closing ceremonies of this years Olympic games. George took to his twitter to express his nervousness about performing at the closing ceremonies and him have not been able to perform for over a year: Obviously a bit nervous not having […]

Canada’s Nikki Yanofsky Enjoying Olympic Success

Nikki Yanofsky, the singer who did the Canadian National Anthem to open the Olympics, has been enjoying her success and turning 16! Her song “I Believe” also hit number 1 and she has been outselling artists like the Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha (Gaga Light) on the charts. Check out the clip above and let […]

Are You Watching The Olympics?

Shaun White and coach Bud Keene

I’m kind of geting sucked into the Winter Olympics, how about you? Redhead Shaun White took home gold again in the Snowboard pipe competition. I couldn’t believe how high he would get above the pipe! There was some controversy when his expletive-laced celebratory conversation with his coach was broadast on TV, but considering they have […]