Breaking News: Plane Crash In Amsterdam

Sad news as a Turkish plane crashed in Amsterdam. Over a 130 people were on board.  There are conflicting reports now on injuries and deaths. It is looking like no deaths, only injuries.

The plane was broken into three pieces.  Horrible.

My prayers go out to those in the crash and family. 

For more on the story, please visit CNN.-Dr.FB

Update: CNN is now reporting officially 9 people are confirmed dead.

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  1. Official: 9 people dead :(

  2. … Hm but it has been denied… I’ll wait for the press conference now. I hope there are no deads :(

  3. 9 deads I just heard :( :(

  4. I feel sick to my stomach.. Can still here the trauma heli’s. Terrible..

  5. Thank you! I live in Holland and didn’t even know yet.
    It seems that most of the people are fine

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