Plane Crash

Travis Barker & DJ AM Grab Some Toast

Travis Barker & DJ Am were spotted outside of Toast yesterday in L.A. where the two grabbed lunch. Ever since the plane crash, Travis and DJ Am still work together.  Travis still refuses to fly in planes and buses it everywhere.  Blink-182, Travis’s band where he found a majority of his success recently announced they […]

Breaking News: Plane Crash In Amsterdam

Sad news as a Turkish plane crashed in Amsterdam. Over a 130 people were on board.  There are conflicting reports now on injuries and deaths. It is looking like no deaths, only injuries. The plane was broken into three pieces.  Horrible. My prayers go out to those in the crash and family.  For more on […]

The Day The Music Died……

I am not talking about when the Internet was created.  I am not talking about when youtube took over.  I am not even talking about when “Who Let The Dogs Out” became a hit. The day the music died is when Richie Valens, The Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly went down in a plane accident […]

The Miracle At The Hudson River

Days later I am writing this, and it is still amazing after the fact.  Captain Chelsey B.  Sullenberger III is a real hero. Noticing a bunch of birds heading right into one of the plane’s engines and Jeffrey B. Skiles was flying the plane at the time.  Captain Sullenberger took control of the plane and […]

Travis On Way Back To L.A.

3 days after D.J. Am was released from the hospital, Travis Barker was released. Travis will be in L.A. in a few days though, as he is taking the burn center bus back to here.  Travis is telling people he will never fly again.  Shanna Moakler, Travis’s ex-wife is on the bus journey with him. […]