3 Prince Shows In L.A. Now On March 28th!

The 3 Prince shows that were scheduled to take place on March 24th have now been moved to March 28th!!!!

We just got word from Prince's camp n wanted to pass the word.-Dr.FB

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  1. can we get old skool company on one of thease shows that song is 2 funky

  2. Hmm…that give me more time 2 plan my trip 2 LA!!! YeeeeaH!!!

  3. THANK YOU GOD & DR. FB!! and….my friends from Michigan (Prince fanatics too) will be in town and C A N N O T wait!!! Wooooo Hoooooo!! See y’all there!!!

  4. Wish I could see this.

  5. Oh, LAWD!

  6. Oh bring it on Prince, BRING IT ON!

    Thank goodness, because Tuesday was gonna be real tough – being a weekday and all…

    Thanks Dr. F as usual!!!

  7. Now is there a thing you don’t have a pulse on with the His Purple Majesty?

  8. I’m there

  9. Tell me where and I will be there! :-)

  10. “But it was Saturday night I guess that makes it all right…” Can’t wait for P to drive his little red ‘vette round LA Saturday night.


  12. sat night
    so we can party all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Meant to also say thanks as always for posting information!

  14. Is this just the shows or is the website launch on the 28th as well?

  15. Hey doc i want ur connections lol

  16. And the cat & mouse game begins… lol THANK GOD this got moved!!!! This will be much more convenient logistically (babysitters, work etc)!! WOOOHOOOO!!! Now let’s hope we get tickets through the new website so we don’t have to wait in line all night!

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