Salma Hayek Considering Lead Role In ‘News Of A Kidnapping’ Adaptation

salma Hayek wwwvivirlatino.com


salma Hayek wwwvivirlatino.com

salma Hayek wwwvivirlatino.com

Salma Hayek www.blogspot.com

Salma Hayek www.blogspot.com

Okay, so I had a very difficult time picking  just one photo~ SHOOT ME.  Mamacita es muy caliente!  So I'm going to torture you with two.

Mexican Bombshell Salma Hayek may take the lead role in the upcoming film,"News of A Kidnapping".  News of a Kidnapping is based on a book written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  The 1996 Factual story tells of the kidnapping of ten journalist by the vicious Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

Filming is scheduled to start in Mexico,  October 2009.

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  2. Now this is a classy beautiful woman unlike some others you post on all the time.. (uhh.. uhh.. clears throat that Megan chick) anywhoo, good job & thanks she has style, class & sass all in one!!!

  3. Hey! Valentina

  4. GOD BLESS YOU Doc….

  5. Glad she’s headed back into the acting gig.

    P.S. – Check out the new track “Valentina” on Prince’s CD MPLSOUND – it’s about Salma’s daughter.

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