Oh Girlicious! Is This Hottie Chris Brown’s New Girlfriend?

Natalie Mejia www.blogspot.com
Natalie Mejia www.blogspot.com

Natalie Mejia www.blogspot.com

This is one brave chica! That is if she is indeed Brown's new flame. Natalie Mejia, 21, was spotted with Chris Brown at a tattoo parlor on April 11th.  Let's not jump the gun, they may be just friends.  Remember, he is supposedly depressed, she just may be a shoulder to lean on.

Mejia is a former contestant of the reality show for the Pussy Cat Dolls.  This Mexican Beauty is now part of the girl group, 'Girlicious'.

Hotter than RiRi? What do you think?

If this girl is indeed hooking up with Brown, she certainly isn't smarter.....

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  1. Defintiely hotter than Rhianna. Take a man’s advice :)

  2. natalie rihhana she dos not have fake lips like yu and she s not sllot like yu wer is yor ass yu leftit somveer hahhahahahhhhahhhhhh sllot

  3. yu thikk ju hotie and ju bjutifull bat yu not yu gest hooooorrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. natalieyu think chris love yu never hi love rihana hi gast pritend hi love yu hi ned yu gest forr hobi thets all hi love rihanna noot yu sllot

  5. natalie ju soo hoor and sllot rihanna is more pryti and yu ju gest sllot

  6. Sylvia is right i think after the ass wippin rihanna got she just might wanna keep her mouth and LEGS shut HAHA. If you don’t like what i said check online there are pictures of legs spreaded wider than an eagle in a sky and her cuggi hanging making a lot of money for it tooo so if she do things like that so can i hhhmmp!!!!!!!

  7. haha.. fake lips? I am her cousin and I can tell you that she does not have fake lips, and as far as her ass goes she does have one but you would have to see it in person to believe it. She is prettier then Rihanna just because Rihanna is famous that does not make her prettier!

  8. She definitely is not better looking than Rihanna and I’m sure she’s not CHris cup of tea. What is the deal with the fake lips???? Chris does write songs you know??ANd he is in L.A. writing and working on his album and most likely girlicious or pussy cat dolls albums..so now every time he’s seen with a broad – he’s going to be ‘dating’ her. Well, I do believe after falling in love with RIhanna at such a young age and ending up in a horrible situation – he may just have women around for sex and that’s all – but I can’t even see her as a ‘jump off’. Too many other ‘Rihanna’ look alike in that group for him to end up with this one..cute or not – just doesn’t look like Chris’s taste in women.

  9. stop hattin go to her myspace myspace.com/breathsoft she’s not bad looking and shes better looking than rihanna

  10. What happened to her butt?? there is nothing there..lol..I guess Chris can’t say he would kick her ass…she don’t have one!

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