Teairra Mari Gets Christina Milian’s ‘Diamonds’

Teairra Mari www.blogspot.com

Teairra Mari www.blogspot.com

Christina Milian www.blogspot.com

Teairra Mari is a lucky gal.  The 21 -year old snatched 'Diamonds', a track that was previously foxy Christina Milian's.  Milian planned to release the track on her fourth album, but decided not to use it.  Mari re-recorded the vocals, and the track will be featured on her Sophmore album, 'At that Point'.  The track will feature Kanye West.

I really didn't post this story to let you know why and how the track will be released, I posted it cause I felt the need to look at Milian..... Enjoy :)

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  1. I really want to k now why Christina dyed her hair blonde…she looks way better with her natural hair color..what in the world was she thinking…she’s not lady gaga!!!!!!! lol

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