Prince On The Ellen DeGeneres Show April 23rd.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show File Photo
The Ellen DeGeneres Show File Photo

The Ellen DeGeneres Show File Photo

Turn your tivo's on!!! Prince to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show April 23rd 🙂

We can now confirm after knowing about the appearance for about a week 🙂  Call it a FUNKENBERRY EXCLUSIVE!

UPDATE: There will not be an interview....A live performance YES!!

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  7. Ellen Degeneres is quite funny and very lively that is why she is my idol and i always watche her TV Show.

  8. i watched Ellen Degeneres show whenever i can. she has a very good and funny talk show.

  9. Good Luck 2 future a n d past projects, Prince! May it all turn out in a wash- Purple Rain

  10. I can’t wait to see him perform.

  11. “…but he will not do an interview with Ellen because she is gay….”


  12. Glad to see Prince doing the rounds, but he will not do an interview with Ellen because she is gay. Plain and simple. This is a business move, but he is controlled by his religious beliefs and that trumps all.

  13. Shechinah redact, Prince and printed signatures; heard usefully, through tonic solfa: indemnifiably existing-incult.

    Contributions of his, remain frank-pledge; either written or vocally for me.

    Supraliminal is how I arrive at learning from him: Inunction, sonata form, and hegemonic comes to mind.

    Remaining normotensive in the body, or to keep away from zealotry after hearing paraboloids constructed by Him: futile.

    I love you Prince.

    Your Friend,


  14. thank you dr funk yeaa cant wait

  15. Thanks Doc! will set my DVR!!

  16. I’ll b watchin’, thanx Dr. FB …

  17. Hooray! Great news. But no interview? Aw, come on Prince, we want to watch you have fun with Ellen like you did last time. Or are you afraid she’ll give you underwear again? 😉

  18. Great news! Thanks!

  19. Wow, I am so excited about this!!!! Prince back on Ellen! I hope P does an interview too. We need to hear him speak! His performance on Ellen in 2004 was great and I expect it to be just as good if not better. Thanks for the new update Dr FB!!!!! Woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. aaaww I wish I could watch the show.

  21. Great news !

  22. hope docfb or lotus flower wil have some tickits to the taping

  23. yah!! and love how I saw it on twtitter too!! the best thing is I can actually watch the Ellen Show on cable in CHILE!!
    it`lll be a fab show.

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