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Beyonce Is NOT Pregnant!-So Says Mama Knowles

Beyonce Photo:

So take it for what it’s worth but Beyonce’s mom just recorded an interview with Ellen DeGeneres to air tomorrow that her daughter is NOT pregnant. Tina Knowles said “The rumors are quite simply, not true.” The show was recorded on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank and will air tomorrow.-Dr.FB

Betty White Kills It On Ellen

Check out Betty White on Ellen yesterday talk about how she is shocked that 500,000 people on Facebook got her on Saturday Night Live after she turned it down. Girl said 500,000 is more people than who she slept with in her lifetime. Check out the full interview with strippers, yes strippers. Cuz even if […]

Adam Lambert Tells His Side Of The Story To Ellen

Adam Lambert was on Ellen telling his side of the story of the American Music Awards performance and said MAYBE it wasn’t the best thing to do as a 2nd impression for people who saw him on American Idol. Now, was he being sincere or is this damage control? What do you think?-Dr.FB

Kris Allen Sings ‘Heartless’ For Ellen

Kris went “Kanye West” karaoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday. Ellen sure is awesome, she gave her audience 10 free itune downloads and the newest version of the Apple IPod…..SWEET!! Ok back to Kris….. Is he really that good? Thoughts?

Video: No Doubt “Hey Baby” On Ellen

Here is No Doubt’s last performance on the Ellen show. They did 2 more songs that are available on Ellen’s website. They did a full version of “Hey Baby” but here is what aired. Enjoy.-Dr.FB