Video: Nikka Costa Acoustic “Everybody Got Their Something”

Here is footage new to me of Nikka Costa performing "Everybody Got Their Something"

It's nice to have an outlet like this to help promote your friends and people you respect that may be ignored by the mainstream media.

Much love to you Nikka and def gotta see you Sunday.-Dr.FB

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  1. Thanks 4 that. Love Nikka! :)

  2. Thank you Doc!! Nikka rocks my socks and it’s a damn shame she (and the talented musicians who back her up) doesn’t get the support she deserves.

    I’d like to see the folks on the Billboard Top whatever take an acoustic guitar, a wooden box and vocals and make something that beautiful.

    More please!!

  3. awsome vid doc cant belive that ive never seen this also

  4. First Rhonda pics and now this? You’re spoiling us Doc. Great video – love her voice. And that drummer is too cool!

  5. sweet! ;) .

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