Lady GaGa Lady-Like In London

Lady GaGa wireimage.com
Lady GaGa wireimage.com

Lady GaGa wireimage.com

Lady GaGa wondering the streets of jolly ol' London with a thong and  beautiful tea cup....oh and don't forget the classy hat.


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  1. Yep the Jonathan Ross interview was disappointing – she certainly seemed to lack depth conversationally. She was holding the pictured tea cup all throughout the interview and while in the green room too.

    Great Live Lounge performance :)

  2. She was interviewed by Jonathan Ross recently and seemed pretty nervous, no humour..boring. I was disappointed…
    However she’s redeemed her rep. as serious artist and with credible talent.
    She performed at Radio 1 Live Lounge. Hope everyone can view this.
    I’m floored. She was EXCELLENT!


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